Youth Design

Youth Design Boston connects talented kids to opportunity
Youth Design is a paid internship program that introduces public high school students to careers in design through hands-on work experience. Students spend the summer working side by side with professional designers in some of the best firms and design-driven organizations, exploring their creative passions while learning to transform their raw talent into marketable skills.

Mentoring organizations range from boutique graphic design firms to the creative departments of major corporations, and from printing companies to advertising and technology agencies. Each of these environments helps open a world of opportunity to inner-city kids – giving them firsthand insight into the profession, the chance to develop their design and technology skills, and the confidence they need to pursue a rewarding career in design. In turn, the students make valuable contributions to the offices where they work, offering fresh ideas and unique perspectives.

Piloted in Boston in 2003, Youth Design now has programs in several locations, including Rhode Island and Denver, Colorado. Youth Design builds community in the cities where it operates and injects energy and diversity into the region’s creative workforce.