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Opening career pathways for talented urban youth

Summer Immersion Program

This core element of Youth Design addresses the critical socioeconomic needs of urban communities by providing talented youth with paid summer jobs and a pathway to success.

Students are recruited for the program in collaboration with urban public high schools, civic leaders, youth organizations, and community groups. Their jobs take the form of intensive, full-time, paid summer design internships with professional mentors. Over the course of seven weeks, students participate in tasks related to the day-to-day functioning of the mentor’s creative office—from brainstorming and research to participating in meetings and presentations, learning computer and design skills, and providing creative support on client projects.


Youth Design Academy



Youth Design Academy is a unique learning experience for teens that combines creative classroom hands-on art and design skill-building with exposure to professional designers and design workplaces. The core of the summer program is a three-day-a-week course in Design Fundamentals at Massachusetts College of Art and Design for which students receive both high school and college credits. Activities also include interaction with advanced Youth Designers and creative professionals at collaborative workshops, art museum visits, tours of top creative firms, and job shadows. The focus is on broadening students' exposure to numerous facets of art and design, designers, and design workplaces; and building skills for collaborative work, drawing, design, and design process.

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