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Opening career pathways for talented urban youth


We achieve long-lasting change and impact with our Youth Designers through our focus on these key areas:

  • Youth Development, Life Skills,
    and Workforce Readiness

  • Paid Summer Jobs in the
    Professional Design Industry

  • Mentorships with Professional Designers

  • School-Year Workshops in Design Education, Design Skills Training, & Multi-Dimensional Cultural Experiences

  • College Preparedness, Financial
    Literacy, & Application Support

The program promotes
diversity in the creative economy and raises awareness of design as an economic engine. Our goals are to:

  • Target a diverse cadre of talented urban youth in terms of race/ethnicity and socioeconomics, who are enrolled in urban high schools.
  • Facilitate a one-on-one relationship between each Youth Designer and a professional design mentor throughout the two-year program.
  • Accompany, support, and commit resources to Youth Designers, ensuring a 100% high school graduation rate and matriculation to college.
  • Ensure future equitable employment opportunities for Youth Designers by acquiring appropriate life and workforce readiness skills.
  • Inspire and advocate for the diversification of the design industry and creative economy.

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