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For Parents

Youth Design is a high quality, immersive program that provides Boston’s creative high school students with access to internships and mentoring relationships in the design industry.


As a Youth Designer, students are provided with: two concurrent paid summer design jobs (30 hours per week for seven weeks during July and August); school year workshops and design-centered activities; cultural and visual literacy outings; and ongoing professional development in the areas of design education, design skills training, workforce readiness, and youth development.

Youth Design supports students on the path to a professional career by providing an avenue for the exploration of their creative interests and exposure to “real-world” work experiences at leading design firms and organizations throughout Greater Boston. Youth Design offers growth opportunities in the areas of leadership training, problem solving, and job readiness so as to equip students with the necessary tools be successful in a 21st century workforce. By building powerful connections directly between students and the professional design community, Youth Design continues to connect the private sector to talented creative youth, and help propel those youth forward toward the realization of their dreams.

As with all academic and extra-curricular pursuits of young people, their ability to experience success is reliant on the full engagement of parents/guardians. Parents/guardians provide much-needed support and encouragement. Their involvement is essential in helping Youth Design to reinforce adherence to its core values and code of conduct. The work we do at Youth Design is meaningful and life-changing. The advantages made possible through students’ participation in this unique opportunity must be reinforced at home if we are to realize the lasting change we seek to accomplish in lives of the students we serve.


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