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Thursday Morning Workshop: Digitas

August 06 2013

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Recap of Digitas trip by Daniel Smelansky

Seeing as I have been working at Digitas for the past two weeks, I had a unique perspective on this Thursday Morning Workshop. Everyone arrived at Digitas and we went into the Deck conference room where Digitas employees gave us a presentation. The presentation summarized what exactly it is that Digitas does, and showcased some of their best work.

After that, we split into a group of first years, and a group of second years. Since I am working at Digitas, I had to make sure the Second Years went to the right rooms and that we were on schedule. Our first stop was the Mobile Lounge which is a room filled with the latest mobile technology like NFC (Near Field Communication) and Augmented Reality. After that we went over to the Innovation Room, which is similar to the Mobile Lounge but features not only mobile technologies but the newest technology in all different fields.

We then all met back in the Deck Conference Room to have a Q&A with people who work in different sectors of Digitas. The interesting thing is that although they are all in different departments and do different tasks, the mindset and strategies that they utilize are very similar.

The real core of most jobs is the ability to creatively problem solve, even if the literal task isn’t creative by definition, it still requires a creative mind. It was also interesting how many people who are now art directors, creative directors, and graphic designers took very winding paths to reach their final destination. Knowing that your interest and career path is not finalized is very import to remember. It’s vital to focus on doing the best you can in the present, because if you stay true to yourself, the future will pan out on it’s own in your advantage.

- Daniel
Youth Design, Class of 2013

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