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Sixth Week Recap by Dahrell Rush

August 28 2013

Mentoring Firm


My name is Dahrell Rush and I am a Youth Designer currently working at Digitas. In the previous summer I spent with Youth Design I worked at Continuum. I learned a lot about how a professional design firm can help different companies in all areas of their business. Working at Digitas has been a familiar experience, and I have been glad to learn so much more seeing these very similar but very different design environments.

Youth Design had taken a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, or the MFA for short. We split up into two groups to see different exhibits and work in the MFA. There were exhibits based on a huge range of time periods all throughout history, we got to see European portraits from the 16th century, and some interesting jewelry/ pottery from ancient civilizations from before the common era. The museum also offered an exhibition that had shown early American artwork as well.

While at the MFA, we had the chance to see a collection of architectural design work by American artist. In that collection were also past artist personal sketches/ works and watercolor paintings that were spectacular to see! Overall I am really glad to have had the chance to see and enjoy that work alongside my fellow Youth Designers.

- Dahrell
Youth Design, Class of 2013

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