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Youth Designers in College:            Shirley Fang at Wesleyan!

January 08 2015


After three years of high school summers spent with Youth Design, it is time for me to start another chapter of learning in another setting. For me, it's at Wesleyan University. College has been a peculiar place where I'm trying to find my academic and social niche. I had a lot of enjoyable adventures, such as going to elective seminars about international politics and sexuality, exploring the quaint shops in Middletown, and drawing a life-sized nude self-portrait for my final. All of these activities opened hidden doors of knowledge and possibilities. Driven by curiosity, I had the courage to let myself explore a variety of topics that put me out of my comfort zone.

My exploration led me to continue my involvement in design and have the opportunity to lead a student forum on human-centered design thinking! Using many of the skills I have gained from Youth Design, I was able to tackle this new task with passion. I have been constantly researching creative exercises and reflecting on the structure of the curriculum. Design has such a great impact in my life that it will continue to be with me even after my precious time with Youth Design. Because of this, I know I will continue to seek opportunities to strengthen my design and critical thinking skills.

Besides design, I have also explored other subjects, such as learning hip-hop and taking Italian for the first time. In addition to trying new things, I continue to build on my art skills and knowledge by taking Drawing 1 and Renaissance Art History! All in all, I had a pretty solid first semester of college.

I am proud of the knowledge and lessons I have learned over the whole semester and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead!

Happy New Years, everyone!


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