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Second Week Recap by Shirley Fang

July 30 2013

Mentoring Firm


Last summer, I worked for a product and industrial design firm, IDEO, where I built wonderful connections with talented designers. For this summer, I am working for an architectural and interior design firm, called Gensler. This is a whole new experience for me, since I wasn’t exposed to this field of design. Within a week, I was able to learn more about architecture and interior design by attending a lecture. The lecture was about architecture and wood lead by one of the architects at Gensler.

I also went to a presentation at MIT for the new building for PNC at Pittsburg. I met part of the collaborative group for this project and was amazed by their meticulous design and concept.The PNC building will be one of the greenest buildings in the world. The presentation helped me get a better grasp of the process in designing a building, first pinpointing the desired goals and “pillars” of the client and then working out the best options for those goals. I am learning a great deal within the time that I am here at Gensler and again have another chance to make more lasting connections and friendships.

Youth Design’s Pre-College Fashion Branding Workshop II
Todays workshop involved critiquing mood boards, defining brands, and branding one’s own fashion line. We started off the morning with intense analysis of each group’s fashion mood board that represented one of the three scenarios given to us. After these discussions, we went over the different types of brands that are used in the real world such as Nike ( a cultural reference) and Gucci ( the last name of the designer).

Once we had a clear idea about branding, we moved back into our groups and did a 10 minute brainstorm of words that represent their brand well. Afterwords, we shared our top 3 choices as a group. All the groups were really creative and used what they learned from the presentation to find an extraordinary brand name. Some that stood out to me were Modafri, Rmour, and Blak. Overall, today’s design activities helped us all to practice our presentation skills and obtain more experience on expressing our ideas verbally and coherently.

- Shirley
Youth Design, Class of 2013

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