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Fourth Week Recap by Ivanna Lin

August 09 2013

Mentoring Firm

Duffy Design Group

Hello! I am Ivanna Lin and I am currently working for an interior design firm in South Boston called Duffy Design Group. Last summer I worked for an industrial design firm called Essential. It was my first internship and my first exposure to the field of design. It was a whole new experience for me. I didn’t quite know what to expect and was questioning my ability to perform at a professional setting. Coming back as a second-year Youth Designer, I am much more confident as a design intern. I have taken everything I’ve learned from last summer, which include work ethic and design skills, and applied it to my current job. This summer is going great so far!

For our most recent Thursday Morning Session, we visited the ICA (The Institute of Contemporary Art). That place is beautiful, the ICA is probably my favorite museum in Boston. I have been there many times now, yet every visit is a unique experience. In my opinion, one of the most memorable and marvelous exhibits in the museum right now is Barry McGee’s. His works is incredible. They are an amalgam of illustration and graffiti, which make them fun, creative and fresh. I know I wasn’t the only Youth Designer who was amazed by his work.

Beside our ICA tour, we also got the chance to hear from Nikki Korn and Mark Feldman, regarding the Youth Design Take Action Competition. In groups, we sat and discussed our topics for the competition. We received valuable guidance and suggestions to help us further our projects. In addition, towards the end of the session we all sat down to meet with Denise and talked about our summer thus far. It was great to hear from other Youth Designers and learn about their experiences. I’ve always been curious about what other Youth Designers do at work and now I know! It is good to learn that we all have a complete unique and different experience at work. I think that is what makes the Youth Design program so incredible.

Time truly goes by fast. I can’t believe a month has already passed. I am excited to make the fullest out of the rest of my summer. And I look forward to the next Thursday Morning Session!

- Ivanna
Youth Design, Class of 2013

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