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First Week Recap by Jeffrey Dubuisson

July 22 2013

Mentoring Firm

I can’t believe it’s already a year since I first joined Youth Design and went to my first day of work, at McMahon Architects. Now I am returning to Youth Design this summer and working at Allen & Gerritsen (A&G). In my first week I had the great pleasure of learning that this: “&” is an ampersand, a very big part of A&G’s logo. Everyone in the office has been very welcoming and helpful. This year I am working in a bigger firm than before, so I was nervous about going around and meeting everyone. I think that with A&G it is a large family community, from after work runs, to softball games and zumba classes. It has been a world I am adapting to and loving each and every day more.
My mentors, Tyson and Meg have both been wonderful. I look forward to working with them a lot just because they are both so insightful. Tyson and I spent the first week time working together and also learning about each other. He started putting me to work right away with InDesign as well as Photoshop. So after Week 1, I’m looking forward to progressing through the summer but also dreading the last week of working at A&G.

The first Thursday morning workshop of the summer!
We got to enjoy a wonderfully prepared workshop by Alisa Aronson, led by Bruce Ployer. I think it is going to be very great to follow up next week with our own brands. Bruce brought us through a powerpoint, expressing to us the importance of brand. Something I am sure that everyone was able to take something from.

After the powerpoint, we we’re all divided into teams and given a variety of creative briefs so we could test our own hand at creating a brand for a client. Once we had selected a client, we were sent off to the computer lab to begin heavy research on our clients desires. We then took our research and compiled it into mood boards. From this workshop, we all were able to see the process and practice crafting a strategy. From this workshop, we walked away knowing how hard designers work to come up with concepts for clients. Knowledge that we can now further use at our internships this summer.

- Jeffrey
Youth Design, Class of 2013

Youth Design Rallies with Carnival-and-Cupcakes-Celebration

May 09 2013

Whether you won big playing classic carnival games, lucked out at the cupcake raffle, took a dive in the bouncy house, or sketched on the live art wall – Youth Design’s “Rally for Change” Celebration was certainly not your “typical chicken dinner.” We have all been to our fair share of those. The kind where you keep looking at your program to determine how much more you have to endure or if there will be an opportunity to make a quick exit. A complete snooze-fest! Well you’ll never experience that at a Youth Design production! The “Rally for Change” Celebration showcased the spirit of an organization committed to using design as a vehicle to place urban high school students on the path to a professional career.

Excitement filled the rooms! Creative energy was flowing, in addition to those fantastic specialty cocktails — served to adults only of course! The real magic was the celebration of all of our young, diverse, emerging designers. The innovators and trend setters of tomorrow. The young men and women, many of whom face difficult circumstances in their daily lives, but are nonetheless passionate and dedicated to developing their creative talents and themselves. Guests were inspired by the Youth Designers and saw first hand that their passion is real, their talent is real and their opportunities are endless!

Youth Design may be small now, but we are mighty and we are growing! We will continue to rally the design community and encourage the private sector to roll up their sleeves and invest in mentoring  the next generation of diverse designers. And we will continue to deliver high-quality programing to bring about life-changing impact on the lives of the students we serve.

Thank you to all of our event sponsors, design mentor firms and volunteers. We value your dedication and support of Youth Design. You play a critical role in our growth and ongoing success!

And congratulations again to Youth Design’s "Mentor of the Year" Award Recipients. We value your leadership and your work to impact the lives of Boston Youth!

Linda Nathan - Mentor of the Year

Jason Stevens - “Up and Coming” Mentor of the Year

Jason Talbot - “Up and Coming” Mentor of the Year

We look forward to seeing you all again next year and thank you again for RALLYING WITH US!

Ricardo Rodriguez and Michael Kelley, Event Chairs

Denise Korn, Founder and
Dhakir Warren, Program Director

Youth Design Graduation 2012

August 23 2012

Youth Design 2012 Graduation Ceremony Video
at Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Youth Design 2012 Graduation Ceremony from Youth Design on Vimeo.



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